Strength and Experience.

Every industry segment has unique challenges, but the core mission is the same: satisfied clients and sustained profitability. It all starts with your vision and strategy and successfully delivered through coordinated execution.

In my 20+ years in Commercial Lending, there’s not a business profile or industry that I’ve not be an active participant. While I recognize that there are differences between many firms, the basic core principles of business transcend across all industries.


Government Contracting

We want to help your bank understand your business better so that you can grow together.

As a GC-focused commercial banking relationship manager for almost 12 years, I have a deep understanding of the profile of a successful government contractor – infrastructure, finances and accounting, business development, contract backlog reports and cash flow, and the importance of dependable partners. Money is constantly being pumped into the agencies that support every aspect of our economy. When new opportunities arise, will you be ready?

Healthcare (Medical, Dental, and/or Devices)

Your business has re-opened, but looks different. Now what?

In my 20+ years as a commercial banker and team lead, I understand the keys to building and maintaining a successful healthcare-focused practice – engaged patients, exceptional care, dependable and experienced staffing, stabilized finances and accounting processes, and strategic business development activities and partnerships. Now that things have opened up, what will you do differently?


Expanding your business overseas or working with a non-US firm isn’t as easy as you think – nor as difficult.

During my 5+ years with Citibank, I learned the importance of clarifying your company profile and management structure and utilizing the right financial partners and vehicles when doing business internationally. We have established contacts with experts in the field who will help you expand your supplier and client footprint effectively and profitably. Call us and we can discuss further.


We can show you how to run your organization as a for-profit entity with all the non-profit benefits.

As a long-time commercial banker with deep involvement in several non-profit Boards of Directors, I have helped several mission- and member-oriented organizations progress their SOP while evolving into a vibrant and active entity focused on growth, flexibility, and enhanced member experiences. Now is the time to revisit the subtleties and activities related to your mission. We stand ready to help you re-craft and hone your 3- and 5-year strat plans.

Technology Services

Your industry is more visible and needed than ever with new challenges and threats from bad actors and newly-uncovered internal shortcomings.

Every aspect of your business model needs to be revisited and now is the time to do that. In my 20+ years in commercial banking and 8+ years running my own firms, I’ve learned the importance of resilience through flexibility, strength through humility, and growth through strong partnerships and marketing. I’ve interviewed hundreds of firms with varying profiles and can confidently advise on how to take those steps to sustained success. The pace in your industry is faster than ever. Are you ready to run differently?

Trade Services & General Industries

You made it through the shut-down and have cleared your existing pipeline. Now what?

Trade services professionals and professional services firms are the lifeblood of the economy, providing critical skills and services that are needed now more than ever. Working capital via lines of credit, essential equipment leasing and purchasing, a skilled yet scarce workforce, and heavy competition can be holding you back from your goal of sustained growth. With the right guidance and partnerships, these liabilities can be assets once again. Call us and let’s review what’s next for you.