and Values:

We are passionate about helping small- to mid-sized businesses be more resilient, progressive, and profitable. You’ve worked hard to build your business. Let us help you achieve, and exceed, your vision going forward.



RG Consulting Services has a strong history of helping firms of varying sizes and industries revisit and realign their respective strategic plans. Our understanding of the challenges that a business owner and C-level executive face on a daily, weekly, and annual basis factor into our approach toward helping you 

  • Improve financial performance and productivity
  • Refine marketing messaging and tactics
  • Enhance internal controls, and
  • Grow enterprise value 

Our clients consistently find value from our independent and thoughtful assessment. They benefit from our partnerships between parties and connections between owners. And they trust in the experience and advice that we provide to help build and maintain a stronger and more sustainable business.


Robert Gangi has over 20 years of experience in the Banking/Finance industry and has helped start up and advance firms in the healthcare space. Additionally, he has held senior and sales management positions in several other industries, helping hundreds of CEO’s with their firms’ growth and longevity. At present, Robert is helping owners and directors navigate the various COVID-19 loan relief programs, their uses and related administration.

“I have been privileged to lead teams of bankers, marketing and branding innovators, business focused non-profits, project managers, and consulting professionals over the years, as well as helping hundreds of businesses better position themselves for stability, operational efficiency, and growth. I am an entrepreneur at heart – curious and innovative – and a connector of people, which has proven to be a strong accelerant for domestic and international business owners and organizations. I am excited at the prospect of bringing my experience and vision to your organization, to help you realize your company’s potential and exceed your goals.”